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Utilizing Nanopartz complete line of spheres, rods, microgold and wires, along with their optimized polymers, customers can choose from a wide range of functionalities, and choose their own. Includes oligo conjugations.
Functionalized Plasmonic Fluorophores for in vitro with amine, biotin, carboxyl, streptavidin, IgG conjugations and more.
Custom fluorophore labeled spherical, rod, microgold and gold nanowires.
Ramanprobes for In vitro applications.
These nanowires and micron sized particles exhibit strong white light scattering.
Nanopartz complete line of gold spheres, rods, microgold and gold nanowires available with customer determined charge.
These product include our full line of in-vitro spheres and rods for dark field microscopy.
Plasmonic Fluorophores. Fluorophore decorated gold nanorods that exhibit significant improvements in fluorescence and chemical stability.
Gold Nanoparticles for in vitro lateral flow and blot
Gold Nanoparticle used to enhance the Raman signal of the attached analyte
This product includes spherical gold nanoparticles with diameters from 1.8 to 125 nm and gold nanorods with SPRs ranging from (550-750nm) as a custom kit for customers to easily conjugate their antibodies and other primary amine containing ligands.
Spherical Gold Nanoparticles and Nanorods with short length ligands for SPR shifting.