Ramanprobes™ Extrinsic SERS Labels

What are Ramanprobes?

Ramanprobes are a novel product family that combines both gold nanoparticles and fluorophores into one construct. The construct exhibits extremely high sensitivites - down to 10 Femtomolar with a simple 10mW laser based Raman spectrometer. Nanopartz has developed chemistries that make this constuct exhibit the following benefits:

  • Very little background fluorescence.
  • Extremely high sensitivity with no photobleaching.
  • Enables the potential for both absorption, scattering, and SERS detection.
  • No gold surface required in sandwich assay format.
  • Homogeneous assay ability.
  • All the functionalizations for in vitro, in vivo, and organic applications.

Nanopartz Ramanprobes are available from 532nm to 850nm

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Nanopartz images web brain sections with Ramanprobes

Image of NeuN in mouse brain
coronal 10 μm sections using Nanopartz Ramanprobes 785nm Label A