Product Categories

This product family contains nanoparticles that are ready for functionalization including spheres, rods, micron sized gold, nanowires, cubes, bipyramids, stars and more.
The complete line of Nanopartz spheres, rods, microgold and wires with molecular surface modifiers.
Utilizing Nanopartz complete line of gold nanoparticle for in vitro applications including custom conjugated gold nanoparticles, gold nanoparticles for imaging, diagnostics, one step conjugations, and zero order diagnostics.
The complete line of Nanopartz gold spheres nanorods for in vivo applications including Ntracker, Ntherapy, and customer defined conjugated in vivo products for imaging and therapy research. For Research Use only. Not for use in humans.
Organic Gold Nanoparticles including spheres, rods, microgold, and nanowires for use in organic solvents such as ethanol, hexane, and more.
These particles include our full line of spheres, rods, microgold and nanowires in customer defined conjugations.
These particles include our full line of Gold(III) Chloride Trihydrate, Gold(III) Chloride Solution, and Gold Chloride Solution.
Fluorescent carbon nanoparticles.
Nanopartz Magnetic Nanoparticles - Monodisperse and accurately sized from 2nm to 250nm. Perfect for lateral flow, in vitro, in vivo, imaging, diagnostics and more.
Nanopartz Gold Nanoparticle Applications