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Product Family Number Description
A11 Unfunctionalized Spherical Gold Nanoparticles
A12 Unfunctionalized Gold Nanorods
A13 Unfunctionalized Microgold
A14 Unfunctionalized Gold Nanowires
A1A Unfunctionalized Gold Nanocubes
A51 Unfunctionalized Spherical Carbon Nanoparticles
B11 Analytical Spherical Gold Nanoparticles
B12 Analytical Gold Nanorods
B13 Analytical Microgold
B14 Analytical Gold Nanowires
C11 Functionalized Spherical Gold Nanoparticles
C12 Functionalized Gold Nanorods
C13 Functionalized Microgold
C14 Functionalized Gold Nanowires
C16 Functionalized Plasmonic Fluorophores
CF11 In Vitro Fluorescent SGNPs
CF12 In Vitro Fluorescent Gold Nanorods
CF13 In Vitro Fluorescent Microgold
CF14 In Vitro Fluorescent Gold Nanowires
C17 In Vitro Ramanprobes
CB In Vitro Bright Field Imaging
CC In Vitro Choose by Charge
CD In Vitro Darkfield Imaging
CF In Vitro Fluorescence Imaging
CL In Vitro Lateral Flow
CR In Vitro Instrinsic SERS Labels
CS In Vitro One Step Gold Nanoparticles
CZ In Vitro Zero Order Gold Nanoparticles
D11 In Vivo SGNPs
D12 Ntherapeutics
D12M Ntracker
DI In Vivo Imaging
DP In Vivo Photothermal Therapy
E11 Organic Spherical Gold Nanoparticles
E12 Organic Gold Nanorods
E13 Organic Microgold
E14 Organic Gold Nanowires
G Gold Salts