Toolkit to Determine the Health and Activity of Antibody Functionalized Gold Nanoparticles

Nanopartz offers a number of toolkits that will help you assess the activity of your antibody functionalized gold nanoparticles. This toolkit utilizes the power of Nanopartz nanomagnets to selectively bind to healthy, functionalized antibodies on gold nanoparticles. The video below shows how this can be achieved in less than 30 seconds. The key to the product is the antigen loaded Nanopartz nanomagnets. Highly reactive, highly magnetic, and yet small enough to functionalize and then selectively magnetically separate only healthy antibody/gold nanoparticle conjugates in solution. Overall measurements are made using a simple UV VIS. This same method can be used to measure non specific binding as well.

Video of 30 second GNP/Ab Quality Determination ToolKit in Action

Sodium Azide Purification Diagram

(A) Ab solution with healthy and unhealthy antibodies and unfunctionalized gold nanoparticles(B) Add antibody reactive nanomagnets (C) Use external magnet to pull out nanomagnets attached to healthy gold nanoparticle/antibody constructs (D) Remove solution of healthy gold nanoparticle/antibody pairs leaving unhealthy and unfunctionalized gold nanoparticles


  Nanopartz Kit
Time < 30 seconds
Efficacy High
Measurement of non specific binding Optional
Measurement method UV VIS

Table 1. Kit Highlights



These spherical magnetic nanoparticles are shipped in  DI water with no measurable residual reactants.


This kit is available in 1mL volumes and larger.


Standard sizes are in stock. Special order sizes are shipped in two weeks or less. All domestic shipments are sent Fed Ex Standard Overnight delivery, international Fed Ex Priority 2 day. No shipments on Fridays except for dried particles. Saturday shipping available for extra charge.


This product comes functionalized with a customer selected antigen.

Shelf Life/Storage Temperature

This product is guaranteed for six months and should be stored at 4 °C after opening. Care must be taken to only use sterile glassware when working with this product.


This product is known to be noncytotoxic. This product has been sterilized and is biological and shipped in DNase free water.


This product is sterilized.


Every order comes with a Certification of Analysis that includes the following information. We use calibration traceable:

UV-VIS (Agilent 8453) for extinction and concentration measurements

NIR (Cary 500) for NIR extinction and concentration measurements

DLS (Malvern Nano ZS) for zeta potential measurement

ICP-MS (Varian 820-MS) for mass measurements

TEM (Phillips CM-100 100KV) for sizing

How long does it take to bind the antigen functionalized nanomagnets to the antibodies?

That depends on the antibody concentration.

How long does it take to pull the antibody/gold nanoparticle + antigen functionalized nanomagnet pairs out of solution.

That depends on the gold nanoparticle size.

Can I measure the non specific binding?


Be the First!

Be the First!


The manufacturing method for these nanoparticles are based on our proprietary method. This invention allows the first use of a reducing agent to be used at room temperature. Unlike citrate which is only a reducing agent at the boiling temperature of water - thereby quickly making non-monodisperse magnetic nanoparticles, our reducing agent works by slowing building nanoparticles from seed, atom by atom, over the course of up to hours. The result is a highly monodisperse product with unrivaled spherical shapes. Monodispersity is important for efficient calculation.

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  • Fast!
  • Measures gold nanoparticle/antibody activity and non specific binding with great accuracy.. 

Example part number is PAB-AG-KIT-NSB where:

PAB - Product family number for Nanopartz Antibody/Gold Nanoparticle Activity Toolkit

AG - Antigen

NSB - Optional non specific binding measurement option

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» PAB - Antibody/Gold Nanoparticle Activity Kit
PAB Functionalized Magnetic Nanoparticles
PAB Functionalized Magnetic Nanoparticles
Product Number: PAB
Example part number for a biotinylated functionalized Nanomagnet test kit would be PAB-BIO-KIT
Note: NHS and Maleimide conjugations come dry
TA (Amine)
TB (Biotin)
TC (Carboxyl)
TH (Hydroxyl)
TM (Methyl)
TN (Neutravidin)
TS (Streptavidin)
TMAL (Maleimide)
TMU (Mutab)
TPA (Protein A)
TG (Protein G)
TSH (Thiol)
TGAL (Galactose)
THRP (Horseradish Peroxidase)
PABS Secondary Antibody KIT
PABS Secondary Antibody KIT
Part Number: PABS

Options: -(REACTIVITY)-KIT Example part number for a Goat anti Human IgG would be: CABS-GHG-KIT
PABP Antigen Conjugated Magnetic Nanoparticles
PABP Antigen Conjugated Magnetic Nanoparticles
Part Number: PABA

Options: -(Antigen)-KIT