Why buy from us?


If you're a researcher:

  • Our products have appeared in thousands of publications (including many journal covers and over seventy publications in Nature), and over fifty patents. We provide publishable quality nanoparticles and provide the images for your publication.
  • We manufacture the highest quality gold nanoparticles and constructs in the world. Our publishable quality materials display the size accuracy and shape homogeneity you want in your publication TEM.
  • We have the best gold nanoparticle technical support staff in the world. Use our expertise to make sure you are getting the most state of the art constructs and ligands. Let us help you order the right product for your research reducing the time to publication.
  • Many of our orders ship within 1 business day. Orders received by 3pm are typically delivered by 10am the following morning. Your research is important, our products are valuable. Your time is valuable. We respond to the challenge.
  • Huge Production Lot Sizes. We manufacture lots in huge volumes so that repeated orders come from the same source providing Research Grade repeatable products.
  • Extremely Tight Specifications. As an audited supplier to ISO 9000 companies. We manufacture products to the tightest of tolerances. This is absolutely essential in nanotechnology.
  • Unmatched Certificate of Analysis using TEM, UV-VIS, ICP, DLS, and more on every order.
  • We are experts in gold nanoparticles; development, methods, conjugations, and handling.  This is all we do. We can help you avoid the pitfalls of other researchers in your area. We can save you time and provide the industry standard in research materials for your work.
  • We guarantee that our products contain the very best gold nanoparticles in size monodispersity, shape uniformity, and reactivity. Over 1400 publications. Over 1400 TEMs, UV VIS, DLS, ICP-MS measurements included in publications. Nanopartz provides a proven product.
  • Unparalleled innovation. More new products, more ligands, more buffers than anyone in the world.
  • We guarantee we will be here during normal work hours (plus many extra) to answer your questions and provide you service. Our support does not end after shipment.
  • We're International! We have partnerships around the US as well as around the world! We can get products in your hands in Europe in two days from ordering or less.
  • We guarantee every order will come packaged with a Certificate of Analysis with experimentally measured properties of YOUR order. Our Certificate of Analysis are the industry standard providing every bit of information you need for further functionalization, publication, and more.
  • We have manufactured TENS of THOUSANDS of lots of gold nanoparticles. No one has made more than us.

If you're in industry:

  • All of the above plus +
  • Scalability to kg of gold per day.
  • Preclinical toxicity studies.
  • Support to take you from Preclinical to GMP.
  • Facilities for GMP production.
  • The ability to control the product availability through partnership.

Most importantly, we guarantee your satisfaction or we will make it right.

Who says so? Our Customers say so!