Partner Development Programs

It is significant part of our business model to be an OEM material supplier to companies ranging in size from entry level to Fortune 500.  We have the production and support capabilities to expand to meet the needs of any nanoparticle application and now offer GMP services.

In order to offer our Partners a framework for development along with the continued assurance of product supply and support, we have created the Nanopartz Product Partnership Program.  This program is made up of Platinum, Silver and Gold levels.

The Platinum Level program is used for product development.  If our Partner would like a special size, shaped, conjugated, or special property not already available from our gold nanoparticles, we can agree to this development through a Platinum agreement.  Depending on the level of effort, the Partner initial investment, and the license desired, we can provide a full range of technology ownership opportunities.  These ownership opportunities can range from 0 to 100%.   

Our Silver Level is a distribution program that provides our Partners with the assurance in upfront pricing, distribution and support.  Our Silver Level Partners can guarantee supply of our products circumventing any possible disruption in the supply of the products.

Our Gold Level Partners will not only enjoy all of the benefits of our Silver Level, but also an exclusivity of distribution for predetermined products.  Our Gold Level Partners can thereby "corner the market."

Small or large, we are here to help you integrate our products into yours. 

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