Testimonials Supporting Nanopartz Products and Services

Nanopartz' mission is to supply novel products to customers that result in publications and/or testimonials. Please go to Nanopartz Testimonials to submit your own.


"I was impressed with their quick and helpful response to my email. They provided all the information I needed promptly, making my experience smooth and straightforward. Great customer service!"

Dr. Jean Serrano

Harvard University


"I am really thankful to Nanopartz for their excellent performance and support. In fact, this is the only company, which produced our custom products successfully and consistently with great support."

Dr. Younas Neelam
Prion Research Group
University of Medicine Goettingen

"I have used a magnetic nanoparticle with 50 nm size. Even Though it has a small size, it has high magnetic response and re-disperse in aqueous solution well.
In addition to the products, their staff was always polite and helpful! Thank you so much!"

Dr. Sungwan Kim
Research Fellow
Brigham and Women's Hospital
Harvard Medical School


"Dear Nanopartz, Your gold nanoparticle conjugates always look great on the EM grid in my hands!"

Dr. Scott Cohen
Senior Research Scientist
Children's Medical Research Institute


"For our project we needed a very specific type of custom-made magnetic nanoparticles. We tried various suppliers from around the world and assessed their quality and functionality. ONLY Nanopartz was able to deliver the ideal product. Their staff was always helpful, polite, and relentless in their pursuit to make this project work!"

Christian Knopke
Lodestone Biomedical LLC


"In our multiphoton photoemission experiments, which are extra sensitive to any variations in nanoparticle geometry, we find Nanopartz rods and spheres to be consistently high quality. The photoemission distributions and other properties are representative of the fundamental particle shape, rather than defects, aggregates, or particle heterogeneity. The Nanopartz team is friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable - our go-to for publication-quality commercial nanoparticles."
Jacob Pettine, NSF Graduate Research Fellow

JILA, University of Colorado Boulder


"Thank you! You guys are great. Probably the best service I've experienced in dealing with vendors so far. :)  "

Charmaine Cha, PhD Student

Stanford University, Quantum Bio-Molecular Sensors


"Nanopartz provides excellent products and rapid-responsive after-sell service that help me a lot in my SERS research in intracellular imaging. "

Jian-An Huang, PhD
Post Doc
Plasmon Technologies Center
IIT Central Research Labs Genova


"Nanopartz is sublime for their broad range of high quality products, which are, as they truthfully describe on their website of excellent quality. The fluorescent spherical gold nanoparticles I'm using in my research are perfect: high density, stable and high fluorescent efficiency, so they're making my nanoparticle microscopy study so much easier. Moreover, their technical support is the best I have ever encountered in a company, very patient and extremely helpful and friendly. Thank you! "

Wieteke de Boer, PhD

Departments of Biological Sciences and Neuroscience Columbia University


"I have just received your new batch of NPs...thank you very much. You are very professional and surely my next order will be with your company. Thanks again. "

Eleonora Ferrari, PhD Student
Universitat Tubingen


"Thanks a lot, I like your sales very much. "

Avi Niv, Asst. Professor
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev Solar Energy and Environmental Physics


"Dear Nanopartz Sales Team, Thank you for the great support, much appreciated."

David Albrecht, PhD Student
King's College London


"Hello Mr. /Ms. Representative, You are definitely the most responsive and patient technical support I have ever contacted. Thank you for your information. "

Qian Zhang
Micro/Nanoscale Thermal-Fluids Lab
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Vanderbilt University

"To the high-quality personnel and good people at Nanopartz, ... We published an article late in 2013 in the Journal of Nanomaterials and Molecular Nanotechnology using some of your spherical gold nanoparticles. It ended up being a great study thanks to your amazing product.
I hope you enjoy it, and thanks again for such a great quality product."

Christopher Anthony Dieni
Margaret and Wallace McCain Postdoctoral Fellow
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Mount Allison University


"We are now using Nanopartz Oligo Functionalized Nanorods for all of our DNA Origami work, and we are getting very good results!"

Dr. Guillermo Acuna 
TU Braunschweig 
Institute of Physical and Theoretical Chemistry
AG Tinnefeld for NanoBioSciences


"Nanopartz customer service is fantastic: I have emailed Nanopartz requesting technical information and every time I have received detailed responses within hours (sometimes minutes!). A helpful, speedy and very friendly customer service."

Dr Liz Rylott
Department of Biology
University of York


"We would like to thank Nanopartz for their excellent customer service, especially for their generous and fast exchange of incorrectly ordered gold nanoparticle solutions. The customer support team does a great job!"

Dr. Diana Peckys
Research Associate
Leibniz Institute


"I just wanted to say thank you! I am very proud of this research and I could not have done it without your nanoparticles and support. Look in the future for published work by us using these nanoparticles as well. Should be happening in the next few months. Thanks again."

Kellie Waterman 
Graduate Student 
Worcester Polytechnic University


"... thanks so much ... your company has been an absolute pleasure to deal with."

Kaerin Gardner 
Centre Administrator 
School of Mathematics and Physics 
University of Queensland


"I have used Nanopartz MUTAB coated gold nanorods and their concentrated bare spherical gold nanoparticles for electrospray applications and have found their products easy to use, and their technical support to be excellent.  The solutions have excellent stability over long periods of time and meet the promised specifications closely. Thanks Nanopartz, I look to continue to use your products for many years to come."

Ranganathan Gopalakrishnan 
PhD Student 
University of Minnesota


"We purchased gold nanoparticles from nanopartz before and recommend your products to our collaborators and friends as well, because of the good quality and professional service. So, I want to frankly to say your products are great. Also, we are planning to use such products as standards for comprehensive studies in our lab."

Jiangbo (Tim) Zhao
PhD Student
Macquarie University


"I prefer Nanopartz for outstanding product support on customized nanoparticle sizes and conjugations. They are a key supplier in developing novel nanoparticle-based assays."

Paul Lebel 
Graduate Student
Stanford University


"We have just received our first Nanopartz product and I must compliment the company for the excellent presentation (loved the gold padded bag) and the comprehensive CoA and recommended storage and handling info.  I must also compliment your company on the excellent technical support and great customer service I have been afforded to date.  Well done! "

Chris Chandler 
Auspep Inc.


"I have been using the Nanopartz Organic Spherical Gold Nanoparticles in my research and they have worked extremely well due to the moderate hydrophilicity and high concentration. I highly recommend this product."

Mingmeng Zhang 
PhD Student 
Arizona State University


"We explored several nanoparticle manufacturers because we were unable to reproduce literature results for our application.  One manufacturer recommended Nanopartz because of our desire for a narrow distribution of particle sizes.  Nanopartz technical support helped us work through our application problems and suggested custom polymers that readily worked where others had failed.  This really impressed us.  They always provide quick delivery and helpful advice.  We would highly recommend Nanopartz."                                                                                  

Tony Mega, Revalesio Corporation


"... this product (11-30-100 bare spheres) is that we stored in the dark room temperature for almost four years and recently we found out this product still works great for our experiments! Amazing! (we did find some aggregation at the bottom but after we shake the bottom and disperse fine).

Thank you so much!"

Anhong Zhou, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Department of Biological Engineering 
Utah State University


"Thanks a lot for your kind and helpful  technical support. You  promptly response and professional  feedback facilitates our purchasing and handling of nanoparticles from your company.  It's great pleasure to have such a nice customer service. Thanks again. "

Yuanyuan Jiang
Helmholtz Zentrum München


"We have been using Nanopartz bare Au nanorods and bare Au nanospheres for studying their individual intrinsic photoemission properties in vacuum. We have been extremely pleased with their cleanliness and uniformity."

Andrej Grubisic, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow at University of Colorado at Boulder - JILA

"We have looked at many different gold nanoparticles samples from Nanopartz including spheres, rods, and microrods using single particle spectroscopy techniques and are extremely happy with the quality of the samples and the service provided by Nanopartz."

Stephan Link, PhD
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Rice University

"I must thank you for making these excellent products. Most of our recent successes are related to your products. In addition to the cover paper in Anal Chem, another paper using nanorods is close to be accepted by Nature Methods."

Ning Fang, PhD
Assistant Professor
Department of Chemistry
Iowa State University

"I have been using the conjugates of gold nanorods and gold spheres with the antibody against epidermal growth factor receptor, C225, one of the most powerful anti-cancer drug. The conjugates worked perfectly well on cells, even after long trips and half a year storage."

Dr. Dmitri Lapotko
Rice University

"Thanks for the 10x45nm Au-nanorods... They are very precise. Our EM pictures indeed show nanorods great in size monodispersity and shape uniformity."

Dr. Periklis Pantazis
California Institute of Technology
Beckman Institute

"We were previously making our own gold nanoparticles using the commonly used technique of citrate reduction of Au(III). The colloids generated are broadly polydisperse, and we were concerned that our application of these particles in immuno-gold labeling of cells for optical coherence microscopy (OCM) would be utilizing only the large diameter tail of the distribution. We purchased the sampler package of NanoPartz gold spheres (30 nm, 50 nm, 70 nm, 90 nm) and examined each size carefully with dynamic light scattering, OCM, and spectrophotometry. Our measurements indicated diameters a couple nanometers larger than specifications (a result of measurements on the fully hydrated state?), and remarkable monodispersity - within specs. It is clear to us now that our early immuno-gold results were dominated by the largest diameter spheres of our early colloids. We are delighted by the NanoPartz monodisperse preparations and recommend them strongly!"

Dr. Richard C. Haskell 
Professor of Physics & Director of Physics Clinic 
Physics Department 
Harvey Mudd College

"The scientists at Nanopartz have developed a line of colloidal gold nanorods with extremely high monodispersity in size, shape, and mass. The surfactant layer is highly stable and readily displaced for biofunctionalization. In every test, in vitro and in vivo, these materials have exceeded our expectations."

Geoffrey A. von Maltzahn
NSF and Whitaker Graduate Fellow
Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology
Laboratory for Multiscale Regenerative Technologies

"Nanopartz has developed excellent colloidal nanoparticle samples with high stability and dispersity, suitable for a range of applications including SERS. We have had a very positive experience using the material provided by Nanopartz."

Arash Jamshidi 
Graduate Student Researcher 
University of California, Berkeley

"I recently purchased the EDC conjugation kit from Nanopartz for conjugation of antibody to gold nanoparticles. The kit was easy to follow and worked very well. The particles are ready in 3 hours compared to the several days of preparation required in other techniques I have tried."

Steven Kemper, PhD
Research Assistant/Post-Doc at University of Houston

...By far the most knowledgeable technical support staff I've encountered.



...Incredibly helpful. Honestly, one of the best customer representative experiences I've had!



...Very helpful. I am very satisfied with this company's product. The original reason I purchased particles from them was because they contacted me by chat.



...Excellent technical support. I've worked on nanoparticle synthesis and linking chemistries for 10 years and I learned a lot from this interaction. Give this person a raise!



...Loved it! It was so simple to order!



...was awesome...fast and easy!!! Love it!


...Extremely helpful, and able to answer my questions quickly and accurately. Thanks for all the assistance!


...Very knowledgeable, thanks for the help!


...you are so good!


...The agent was very helpful and thorough in answering my question.


...This on-line chat saved me so much time as I would have been searching the website for an item that I had to order without using website. I've never had an on-line chat pop up for me. The person on the other end was very helpful and speedy.


...amazing service


...Very knowledgeable and willing to work with customer. Chat is an excellent way to communicate. Likely that this ended up winning my business.


...Very quick response and great help!


...absolutely wonderful. made me decide and be at ease about ordering very quickly. very knowlegeable too


... Very helpful in explaining what I needed answered in order to purchase the gold nanoparticles


...This is a very nice feature, and the speed with which the Tech support responded was better than any other vendor I've interacted with offering this service