"Quality and Product Consistency"

This is the Nanopartz  motto because it was the inspiration behind the creation of the company.

Whereas for the past 20 years gold nanoparticles have been used primarily for light microscopy and lateral flow applications, recently there has been an emphasis in the use of gold nanoparticles for nanotechnology applications.  In particular, this includes Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) and Surface Enhanced Raman (SERS).  These applications demand monodispersity in size and shape with highly reactive surfaces because these applications depend on the quality of the individual nanoparticles, not just the properties of the nanoparticles in bulk.  This is the definition of nanotechnology.

Incorporating citrate stabilized gold into our SPR and SERS products resulted in poor batch to batch repeatability, high fluorescence backgrounds, and inconsistent stability.  In order to make SPR and SERS products, we needed to concentrate on more than just the surface conjugations, we needed to develop a new method of gold nanoparticle manufacturing.

At Nanopartz  we believe that we aren't just selling 100 ml of 30 nm gold nanoparticles, we are selling 1.3 x 10^12 individual nanoparticles - each one specifically manufactured to be that single label detected in your SPR or SERS application.

It is important to remember gold nanoparticles are not a chemical, they are a construct. The customer is reminded that there are exceedingly different levels of quality in gold nanoparticles sold, and that some vendors focus on quality while others focus solely on price. We urge customers to recognize the difference.

At Nanopartz  we never forget that our customers do not have technology needs, they have commercial problems which our technology may help solve