Gold Nanorods Properties, Applications, and Products

Nanopartz Gold Nanorods are nanorod shaped gold nanoparticles manufactured using proprietary and patented methods that result in exact sizes, highly monodisperse sizes and shapes, long shelf lives, along with significantly improved reactivity. Nanorod Gold Nanorods come in diameters from 5nm to 75nm and lengths from 20nm to 250nm with SPRs from 550nm to 2100nm. Nanopartz Gold Nanorods come in a wide variety of ligands and applications. These include adsorbed ligands such as citrate and PVP, covalent functionalizations with PEG and our own proprietary polymer in both in vitro and in vivo conditions, ligands for organic applications, and self-assembled monolayers. Applications include one step antibody functionalizations, oligo and DNA conjugations, click chemistry, lateral flow, and more.

ADSORBED LIGANDS. Citrate, Nanopartz Carboxylic Acid, PAA, PAH, CTAB, PEI, PVP, BSA
IN VITRO. Covalent Alkyne, Amine, Azide, Biotin, Carboxyl, Methyl, Streptavidin, GSH, Hydroxyl, and other in vitro conjugations. Highly protected covalent polymer bridge.
FLUORESCENT LABELED GOLD NANORORDS. For In Vivo, In Vitro, and other applications.
NSOL ORGANIC SOLVENTS. Organic capped gold nanorods for use in a wide variety of organic solvents.
SAM GOLD NANORODS. Alkyl thiol and other SAM modified spherical gold nanoparticles for analytical applications.
IN VIVO. Polymer protected Gold Nanorods for long circulation times in vivo.
PEG. Pegylated Gold Nanorods
CUSTOMER DESIGNED GOLD NANORODS FOR RESEARCH - Customers can request any covalent or charge induced conjugations, such as PEG or charged polymers.
ZERO ORDER DIAGNOSTICS. Short length covalent polymer layer to take advantage of SPR shifting. Popular conjugations, antibodies, secondary antibody conjugates, and oligos.
ONE STEP KITS. Utilizing our patent pending technology, customers are provided any sized gold nanorods for one step conjugation to any antibody. A covalently bound polymer layer protects the gold from a wide range of pHs and salts and ensures a covalent bound antibody.