Bare Microgold™

Utilizing proprietary and patent pending technology, these bare particles are by definition the largest gold nanoparticles available, revealing properties heretofor not available to nanoparticles.

Functionalized Microgold™

Highly protected covalent polymer layer for a wide variety of pH and salt environments. Popular conjugations (amine, biotin, carboxyl, methyl, neutravidin, streptavidin), antibodies, secondary antibody conjugates, and oligos. For use in bright field imaging.

Customer Designed Microgold™

Customers can request any covalent or charge induced conjugation including charged polymers and PEG. This product comes completely purified in the buffer chosen at 0.25mg/mL.

Molecular Surface Modified Microgold™

Alkyl thiol and other SAM modified Microgold™ for analytical applications.

Microgold™ in Organic Solvents

Organic capped gold nanoparticles for use in a wide variety of organic solvents.