Nanopartz Sodium Azide Purification Kit

Nanopartz sodium azide purification kit is specifically for purifying antibodies stored in sodium azide. No columns or tubes or dialysis are necessary. No special handling of liters of sodium azide contaminated water created in purification. 99% antibody retention. 99.99% sodium azide purification. The video below shows how this can be achieved in less than 30 seconds. The key to the product is the sodium azide reactive ultra high loading Nanopartz nanomagnets. Highly reactive, highly magnetic, and yet small enough to purify the antibody solution of sodium azide in a matter of seconds. One kit comes with instructions and enough nanomagnets for 10 purifications.

Video of 30 second Sodium Azide Purification Kit in Action

Sodium Azide Purification Diagram

(A) Ab solution with Sodium Azide. (B) Add sodium azide reactive nanomagnets. (C) Use external magnet to pull out nanomagnets loaded with sodium azide (D) Remove solution of purified Antibodies.


  Nanopartz Kit Dialysis Columns
Time < 30 seconds 12 hours 30 minutes
Cost Low Medium (TFF tubes) Medium
Residual Cleanup (Sodium Azide) 1mL (bound non hazardous material) Liters (hazardous sodium azide dilutent) 10mL (hazardous sodium azide dilutent)
Product Loss (Ab efficiency) Very Low Loss High Loss Highest Loss

Table 1. Comparison of Technologies



These spherical magnetic nanoparticles are shipped in  DI water with no measurable residual reactants.


This kit is available in 1mL volumes and larger.


Standard sizes are in stock. Special order sizes are shipped in two weeks or less. All domestic shipments are sent Fed Ex Standard Overnight delivery, international Fed Ex Priority 2 day. No shipments on Fridays except for dried particles. Saturday shipping available for extra charge.


This product comes functionalized with an sodium azide reactive polymer.

Shelf Life/Storage Temperature

This product is guaranteed for six months and should be stored at 4 °C after opening. Care must be taken to only use sterile glassware when working with this product.


This product is known to be noncytotoxic. This product has been sterilized and is biological and shipped in DNase free water.


This product is sterilized.


Every order comes with a Certification of Analysis that includes the following information. We use calibration traceable:

UV-VIS (Agilent 8453) for extinction and concentration measurements

NIR (Cary 500) for NIR extinction and concentration measurements

DLS (Malvern Nano ZS) for zeta potential measurement

ICP-MS (Varian 820-MS) for mass measurements

TEM (Phillips CM-100 100KV) for sizing

How long does it take to bind 99.99% of the sodium azide onto the magnets?

About 15 seconds in a 1000 rpm vortexer.

How long does it take to pull the sodium azide bound nanomagnets to the side of the centrifuge tube?

About 15 seconds using our Nanopartz Nanomagnet.

Does this affect the antibody health?

Absolutely not.

What is the purification rate?

About 99.99%

Be the First!

Be the First!


This product replaces other methods of sodium azide purification including dialysis and columns. EPA regulates the amount of sodium azide that can be disposed of through drains and in most cases, current methods of dialysis and columns exceed the EPA limitation. If properly handled, dialysis can result in liters of sodium azide contaminated solutions that is required to be handled as hazardous waste. Our product results in 1mL of bound sodium azide which may be disposed of as a solid non hazardous waste component.

  Nanopartz Kit Dialysis Columns
Time < 30 seconds 12 hours 30 minutes
Cost Low Medium (TFF) Medium
Residual Cleanup (Sodium Azide) 1mL Liters 10mL
Product Loss (Ab efficiency) Low Terrible Terrible


  • Fast!
  • No resultant hazardous waste. Total volume of waste is 1mL vs. liters of hazardous waste created with dialysis.
  • High Product throughput (low Antibody loss).
  • Better resultant assays - Sodium Azide is toxic to the antigens which antibodies bind. 

Example part number is PPZ-KIT-10 where:

PPZ - Product family number for Nanopartz Sodium Azide Purification Kit

KIT - Includes reagents and instructions

10 - Amount in mg of magnetic material. Other options are 25 and 50. 1mg is necessary for efficient removal of one lot.

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» PPZ - Sodium Azide Purification Kit
Sodium Azide Purification Kit
Sodium Azide Purification Kit
Part Number: PPZ-KIT-(Wt)-(Magnet)
Example part number for a 10mg kit with magnet would be PPZ-KIT-10-MAG
Spec Sheet
To purify 1mL of a 0.1% sodium azide solution, 1mg is needed - a 10mg kit is good for 10 purifications.