Nanopartz™ in vitro Ramanprobes™

Nanopartz™ Ramanprobes™ are SERS active gold nanorods manufactured using multiple patent pending and proprietary methods that result in extrinsic SERS labels that exhibit much more sensitive detection than any other molecular tag, no photobleaching even under the highest laser intensities, with chemical resistance to extreme pHs, salts, and other adverse chemicals. Any excitation wavelength from any Raman spectrometer can be used for any of the labels. However, optimization has been made for 532, 633, 680, 785, and 850nm excitation wavelengths. At these wavelengths, typical sensitivities exceed detection limits of 100 attomolar. Multiple labels are available, and more are being developed as we continue our manufacturing of new dye labels. Every batch is completely characterized including size, monodispersity, aggregation, and concentration. Residual chemicals are reduced to trace. A Certificate of Analysis (COA) is provided for every order exhibiting TEM and UV-VIS images and data, as well as DLS data. Conjugation options include amine, biotin, carboxyl, methyl, neutravidin, nhs, maleimide, streptavidin, and secondary antibody conjugations. These particles may also be conjugated to customer defined antibodies, peptides, oligos, and more. These conjugated particles can be used in darkfield, Raman, Photothermal and other imaging modes; ELISA, lateral flow, homogeneous, sandwich, and other assays.

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Conjugated In-Vitro Ramanprobes
Conjugated In-Vitro Ramanprobes
Part #C17-(Wavelength)-(Label)-(CONJUGATION)-(OD-mLs)
 Note: NHS and Maleimide conjugations come dry
TA (Amine)
TB (Biotin)
TC (Carboxyl)
TH (Hydroxyl)
TM (Methyl)
TN (Neutravidin)
TS (Streptavidin)
TMAL (Maleimide)
TMU (Mutab)
TPA (Protein A)
TG (Protein G)
TSH (Thiol)
TGAL (Galactose)
THRP (Horseradish Peroxidase)
Sterilization Product comes sterilized. This option provides a complete post testing of sterilization along with a Certificate of Sterilization
CS (Certified Sterilized) (+$150.00)
Endotoxin Product is Endotoxin purified and then tested for Endotoxin. An Endotoxin Certificate is provided.
EP (Endotoxin Purified and Certified) (+$250.00)
Negative Control Using the same source gold nanoparticle lot, this product provides a non-reactive negative control 50 OD in either 0.1mL or 1mL volumes. Use this product for confirmation of your active ligand (ie amine, etc.)
0.1NC (0.1mL Negative Control) (+$100.00)
1NC (1mL Negative Control) (+$480.00)
Price: $480.00





Ramanprobes™ (2.5mg/mL, OD 50)

Part #  Diam (nm) Length (nm) Peak SPR Wave (nm) NPS/ml Molar (pM) SPR Molar Ext. (M-1cm-1)  Labels currently available
C17-850 25 113 850 2.95E+12 5.0 5.0E+12 A
C17-785 25 95 785 3.74E+12 5.8 4.0E+12 A, B, C
C17-680 25 65 680 7.19E+12 12.0 2.5E12 A
C17-633 25 56 633 8.18E+12 13.6 2.0E+12 A
C17-532 25 33 550 2.73E+13 45.6 0.6E+12 A









Conjugations (Ordering Abbreviation)

Amine TA
Biotin TB
Carboxyl TC
Maleimide TMAL
Methyl TM
Neutravidin TN
Streptavidin TS
Secondary antibodies  




These Ramanprobes™ come in numerous conjugations:

Available in amine, biotin, carboxyl, methyl, neutravidin, streptavidin, nhs, maleimide, and azide forms. Methyl acts as a free acid form to be used as a non reactive negative control.

Secondary Antibody Conjugates - polyclonal provide species-specific detection of the entire target IgG class (heavy and light chains, H+L). Reagents, labeling (PF/protein ratio and purificaiton methods are optimized to provide the highest possible binding function and overall fluorescence intensity. All conjugates are stable for 1 year at 4°C, providing consistent performance for the duration of use.

  1. Goat Anti-Human IgG
  2. Goat Anti-Mouse IgG
  3. Goat Anti-Rabitt IgG
  4. Goat Anti-Human IgA
  5. Goat Anti-Human IgM


This product is available in 2.5mg and 12.5mg quantities. Buffer is PBS.


All domestic shipments are sent Fed Ex Standard Overnight delivery, international Fed Ex Priority 2 day. No shipments on Fridays.

Shelf Life/Storage Temperature

This product is guaranteed for six months and should be stored at 4 °C after opening. Care must be taken to only use sterile glassware when working with this product.


Unknown. Sterilization and Endoxtoin Free Options are available.


This product is manufactured using our audited ISO 9000/2001 quality control system. Every order comes with a Certification of Analysis. We use NIST traceable:

UV-VIS (Agilent 8453) for extinction and concentration measurements

NIR (Cary 500) for NIR extinction and concentration measurements

DLS (Malvern Nano ZS) for zeta potential measurement

ICP-MS (Varian 820-MS) for gold mass measurements

TEM (Phillips CM-100 100KV) for sizing

Fluorescence (Nanopartz Flurophore I) for fluorescence measurements

These Ramanprobes™ are based on the technology developed by Nanopartz utilizing their patented and patent pending technology.



  Ramanprobes Fluorophores
SERS Intensity High Medium (Fluorescence)
Photobleaching None Yes
Dark Field Microscopy Yes No
EM imaging Yes No
pH and salt resistance High Medium
Anisotropic Yes No
NIR (>800nm) Imaging Yes No
Thermal Imaging Yes No




  • Extremely stable. Shelf life is greater than six months.
  • Covalent bonds.
  • High anisotropy.
  • Low cytotoxicity. Gold is FDA approved for rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Bright Scattering, down to 100 attomolar.
  • Narrow Emission spectra - covalent bonds ensure no bleed through.
  • Excellent photostability - exceptional resistance to photobleaching enables SERS imaging uner the most demanding conditions.
  • Buffer Stability - stable from pH 4-9.
  • Instrument cability - excitation and emission spectra correspond with filter sets that are currently being developed in partnership with Chroma Inc.
  • Customer can focus on research and not on Nanopartz expertise
  • Quick turnaround




How much thickness does your proprietary capping agent add?

It is less than the variablility of the size of the nanoparticles themselves, so it is unmeasurable.

How do I determine the concentration of the product?

Simply divide the number of nanoparticles (nps) found on the included COA by the amount of solvent you add.

Why do you sell your rods as OD-mLs and what does this mean?

This is because unlike spherical gold nanoparticles, the conversion from OD to mg is not linear with nanorod diameter. Consequently, for the same OD, the weight of the nanorods increases with diameter. 50 OD-mLs means that if you resuspend the material in 1mL of solvent, you will have an absorption of OD50 through a 1mL optical path.

Can I resuspend in water?


Can I suspend in silicon oil?


Will the SPR wavelength shift with different solvents?

The SPR is a function of the index of refraction of the host solvent in which the nanoparticles are suspended. Nanorods are the most sensitive and are therefore a great tool for measuring the index of refraction of the host.

What is the shelf life if I never open the package?

1 year.

Should I store in the refrigerator?


"We have looked at many different gold nanoparticles samples from Nanopartz including spheres, rods, and microrods using single particle spectroscopy techniques and are extremely happy with the quality of the samples and the service provided by Nanopartz."

Stephan Link, PhD
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Rice University


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