Nanopartz Functionalized Ramanprobes™

Nanopartz Ramanprobes are SERS active gold nanoparticles manufactured using multiple patents and proprietary methods that result in extrinsic SERS labels that exhibit much more sensitive detection than any other molecular tag. There is no photobleaching even under the highest laser intensities, with chemical resistance to extreme pHs, salts, and other adverse chemicals. Any excitation wavelength from any Raman spectrometer can be used for any of the labels. However, optimization has been made for 532, 633, 680, 785, and 850nm excitation wavelengths. At these wavelengths, typical sensitivities exceed detection limits of 10 zeptomolar. Multiple labels are available, and more are being developed as we continue our manufacturing of new Raman active labels. Every batch is completely characterized including size, monodispersity, aggregation, and concentration. Residual chemicals are reduced to trace. A Certificate of Analysis (COA) is provided for every order exhibiting TEM and UV-VIS images and data, as well as DLS data. Conjugation options include amine, biotin, carboxyl, methyl, neutravidin, nhs, maleimide, streptavidin, and secondary antibody conjugations. These particles may also be conjugated to customer defined antibodies, peptides, oligos, and more. These conjugated particles can be used in darkfield, Raman, Photothermal and other imaging modes; ELISA, lateral flow, homogeneous, sandwich, and other assays. The Ramanprobes design is proprietary, ultrasenstive, and are completely different than anything presented in industry or literature to date.

"Nanopartz provides excellent products and rapid-responsive after-sell service that help me a lot in my SERS research in intracellular imaging. "

Jian-An Huang, PhD, Post Doc, Plasmon Technologies Center, IITCentral Research Labs Genova






Loading Range (nm2)
Charge (mV)
Smaller particles Larger particles Smaller particles Larger particles
GSH (Glutathione)
Protein A
Protein G
Secondary IgG


These nanoparticles are shipped in 18MEG DI water (default solution) with no measurable residual reactants.

Custom Formulation

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This product is available in 1mL volumes and larger.

Introductory Kits

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Standard sizes are in stock. Special order sizes are shipped in two weeks or less. All domestic shipments are sent Fed Ex Standard Overnight delivery, international Fed Ex Priority 2 day. No shipments on Fridays except for dried particles. Saturday shipping available for extra charge.


This product comes with a number of different functionalization options.

Shelf Life/Storage Temperature

This product is guaranteed for six months and should be stored at 4 °C after opening. Care must be taken to only use sterile glassware when working with this product.


This product is known to be noncytotoxic. This product has been sterilized and is biological free.


This product is sterilized.

For post sterilization testing, please choose Sterilization Certification.

For endotoxin purification, choose Endotoxin Purified.


Every order comes with a Certification of Analysis that includes the following information. We use calibration traceable:

UV-VIS (Agilent 8453) for extinction and concentration measurements

NIR (Cary 500) for NIR extinction and concentration measurements

DLS (Malvern Nano ZS) for zeta potential measurement

ICP-MS (Varian 820-MS) for gold mass measurements

TEM (Phillips CM-100 100KV) for sizing


Label A Raman Signature Spectrum

Label B Raman Signature Spectrum

Label C Raman Signature Spectrum

Label E Raman Signature Spectrum

Label E Raman Signature Spectrum

Label F Raman Signature Spectrum

How much thickness does your proprietary capping agent add?

Anywhere from 1-5nm.

How do I determine the concentration of the product?

Simply divide the number of nanoparticles (nps) found on the included COA by the amount of solution you add.

Why do you sell your rods as OD-mLs and what does this mean?

This is because unlike spherical gold nanoparticles, the conversion from OD to mg is not linear with nanorod diameter. Consequently, for the same OD, the weight of the nanorods increases with diameter. 50 OD-mLs means that if you resuspend the material in 1mL of solvent, you will have an absorption of OD50 through a 1mL optical path.

Can I resuspend in water?


Can I suspend in silicon oil?


What is the shelf life if I never open the package and keep refrigerated?

Many years.

Should I store in the refrigerator?


How do you size your gold nanoparticles? Does the size include the capping agent?

We use three methods to specify our gold nanoparticles; TEM, UV VIS, and DLS. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, and we use a weighted system to take advantage of each methods strengths. In the end, we place the strongest weight to the TEM method, particularly since we use samples sizes greater than 50 particles for each lot.

Do you really provide a TEM for my specific lot?

Yes, and not just for 5-10 particles, rather 50-100 are standard.

What is OD?

Optical Density (OD) is measured by UV-VIS. An Optical Density OD=1 corresponds to a transmission of 10% through a 1cm cuvette. Optical Density is a nice unit to use since Optical Densities correlate linearly to concentration. So an Optical Density of 1.2 is equal to 1.2 times the concentration of a gold nanoparticle solution that has an Optical Density of 1. We use OD and concentration interchangingly as it is easier to refer to a solution of OD=1 rather than 2.35e12 nanoparticles. For all spheres up to 200nm, OD=1 does refer to 0.05mg/mL.

What is PDI?

PDI refers to polydispersity index and is equal to the standard deviation of the particle sizes divided by the average size.

How does your polymer bridge compare to PEG?

It is superior in its resistance to salt, pH, and other chemicals.

"Nanopartz provides excellent products and rapid-responsive after-sell service that help me a lot in my SERS research in intracellular imaging. "

Jian-An Huang, PhD
Post Doc
Plasmon Technologies Center
IIT Central Research Labs Genova

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The manufacturing method for these nanoparticles are based on our proprietary method. This family of products have resulted in many publications . Other functionalizations are available. Please contact us.



  Nanopartz™ Functionalized SERS
Stability (salt,pH,chemicals) High
Monodisperse Yes
Nonspecific binding Very low
Sterilization Yes



  • Buffer Stability - stable from pH 4-9
  • No sodium azide
  • No BSA
  • Stable
  • Well Characterized
  • Customer can select buffer
  • Customer can select laser wavelength
  • Loading of all ligands is optimized

Example part number is C17S-785-A-TAZ-50-1 where:

C17 - Product family number for Functionalized Ramanprobes

785 - Ramanprobe Wavelength

A- Raman Label

TAZ - Functionalization, in this case Azide.

DIH - Buffer, in this case 18MEG DI water. Other choices are PBS, MES, Sodium Borate, TRIS

50 - Optical Density, in this case OD=50, optional 250

1 - Volume (mL). Other choices are 5mL, 10mL and more.

CS - Certified Sterilized - Though the product come sterilized, this option includes testing and certification.

EP - Endotoxin Purified - The product is endotoxin purified and certified.

How to Order

Ordering by scrolling down and selecting the options from the selection below.


» C17 - Functionalized Ramanprobes
Functionalized Ramanprobes
Functionalized Ramanprobes
Part Number: C17
Example Part Number: 785nm, Label A, carboxyl polymer, 18MEG DD DI Water, 50 OD (2.5mg), in 1mL, Endotoxin Purified, and 0.1mL Negative Control
 Note: NHS and Maleimide conjugations come dry
TA (Amine)
TB (Biotin)
TC (Carboxyl)
TH (Hydroxyl)
TM (Methyl)
TN (Neutravidin)
TS (Streptavidin)
TMAL (Maleimide)
TMU (Mutab)
TPA (Protein A)
TG (Protein G)
TSH (Thiol)
TGAL (Galactose)
THRP (Horseradish Peroxidase)
Vol (mLs)
Sterilization Product comes sterilized. This option provides a complete post testing of sterilization along with a Certificate of Sterilization
CS (Certified Sterilized) (+$150.00)
Endotoxin Product is Endotoxin purified and then tested for Endotoxin. An Endotoxin Certificate is provided.
EP (Endotoxin Purified and Certified) (+$250.00)
Negative Control Using the same source gold nanoparticle lot, this product provides a non-reactive negative control 50 OD in either 0.1mL or 1mL volumes. Use this product for confirmation of your active ligand (ie amine, etc.)
0.1NC (0.1mL Negative Control) (+$100.00)
1NC (1mL Negative Control) (+$480.00)