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Nanopartz™ Custom Charged Gold Nanoparticles

Nanopartz™ Custom Conjugated Gold Nanoparticles includes the full line of monodisperse spherical, rod, microgold, and nanowire product familes for conjugation to customer specified charge requirements: negative, neutral, and positive. Not only is every batch completely purified, it is characterized including size, charge, monodispersity, aggregation, residual chemicals, and concentration. A Certificate of Analysis (COA) is provided for every order exhibiting TEM and UV-VIS images and data, as well as DLS data. Customers have a choice of radiation sterilization and endotoxin postprocessing.

Spherical Gold Nanoparticles (left to right) 0.9nm, 1.2nm, 1.8nm, 3nm, and 5nm

Custom Charged Spherical Gold Nanoparticles (2.5mg in 1mL)

Part # Diam (nm) NPS/mL
CC11-1.8 1.8 4.4E+16
CC11-2.2 2.2 2.4E+16
CC11-3 3 9.6E+15
CC11-4 4 4.1E+15
CC11-5 5 2.1E+15
CC11-10 10 2.7E+14
CC11-15 15 8.0E+13
CC11-20 20 3.4E+13
CC11-25 25 1.8E+13
CC11-30 30 1.0E+13
CC11-35 35 6.5E+12
CC11-40 40 4.3E+12
CC11-45 45 3.1E+12
CC11-50 50 2.2E+12
CC11-55 55 1.7E+12
CC11-60 60 1.3E+12
CC11-65 65 1.0E+12
CC11-70 70 8.2E+11
CC11-75 75 6.7E+11
CC11-80 80 5.5E+11
CC11-85 85 4.6E+11
CC11-90 90 3.9E+11
CC11-95 95 3.3E+11
CC11-100 100 2.9E+11
CC11-125 125 1.5E+11

Custom Charged Gold Nanorodz™ (OD 50 in 1mL)

Part #  Diam (nm) Long Size (nm) Peak SPR Wave (nm) NPS/mL Wt. conc (mg) (10-3) A/R
CC12-10-1064 10 67 1064 1.81E+13 1750 6.7
CC12-10-980 10 59 980 2.09E+13 1750 5.9
CC12-10-900 10 50 900 2.47E+13 1750 5.0
CC12-10-850 10 45 850 2.78E+13 1750 4.5
CC12-10-808 10 41 808 3.10E+13 1750 4.1
CC12-10-780 10 38 780 3.36E+13 1750 3.8
CC12-10-750 10 35 750 3.70E+13 1750 3.5
CC12-10-700 10 29 700 4.44E+13 1750 2.9
CC12-25-980 25 146 980 1.91E+12 2500 5.9
CC12-25-850 25 113 850 2.54E+12 2500 4.5
CC12-25-808 25 102 808 2.83E+12 2500 4.1
CC12-25-780 25 94 780 3.08E+12 2500 3.8
CC12-25-750 25 86 750 3.38E+12 2500 3.5
CC12-25-700 25 73 700 4.06E+12 2500 2.9
CC12-25-650 25 60 650 5.07E+12 2500 2.4
CC12-25-600 25 47 600 6.77E+12 2500 1.9
CC12-25-550 25 34 550 1.01E+13 2500 1.4
CC12-40-750 40 138 750 8.26E+11 2500 3.5
CC12-40-700 40 118 700 9.91E+11 2500 2.9
CC12-40-650 40 97 650 1.24E+12 2500 2.4
CC12-40-600 40 76 600 1.65E+12 2500 1.9
CC12-40-550 40 55 550 2.48E+12 2500 1.4
CC12-50-700 50 147 700 5.07E+11 2500 2.9

Custom Charged Microgold

Part # Diam (nm) Length (nm) NPS/ml Wt. conc (mg/ml) Molarity (pM)
CC13-500 75 500 5.87E+09 0.25 9.79E+00
CC13-1000 100 1000 1.65E+09 0.25 2.75E+00

Custom Charged Gold Nanowires

Part # Diam(nm) Length(nm) mg/mL AR nps/mL
CC14-1000 75 1000 0.25 13 2.94E+06
CC14-2000 75 2000 0.25 27 1.47E+06
CC14-3000 75 3000 0.25 40 9.79E+05
CC14-4000 75 4000 0.25 53 7.34E+05
CC14-6000 75 6000 0.25 80 4.89E+05
CC14-7500 75 7500 0.25 100 3.92E+05
CC14-10000 75 10000 0.25 133 2.94E+05





These particles utilize Nanopartz expertise as world leaders in gold conjugation and polymer coatings. Utilizing Nanopartz capabilities, customers now have the ability to create specific charged particles. custom charges on gold nanoparticles. Customers detail the charge desired, and Nanopartz provide the resultant product completely characterized using NIST traceable TEM, UV VIS, DLS, HPLC, and ICP instrumentation. Most importantly, the customer will know the exact zeta potential of the nanoparticles and will be given options for sterilization and for endotoxin free products.


  1. Stable
  2. Well Characterized
  3. Customer can select gold nanoparticle type, size and/or SPR and charge


  1. Customer can focus on research and not on Nanopartz expertise
  2. Quick turnaround

Nanopartz Custom Conjugated Gold Nanoparticles In Literature

[PDF] Antibody-conjugated Gold Nanoparticles integrated in a Fluorescence based Biochip

J Ljungblad -
... 3.1.1 Gold nanoparticles Citrate stabilized and PEG conjugated gold nanoparticles were bought
from Nanopartz, Salt Lake City, USA. The citrate stabilized nanoparticles arrived with a given
concentration of 4.08x109 particles/ml in water and a particle size of 110 nm. ...

Nanoparticles-New medical potential-Today and tomorrow

T Chachibaia - Nano Studies, 2011 -
... It is unreasonable to generalize from just a few studies, because in recent years company
Nanopartz have announced about new manufacturing method, replacing undesirable
organic molecule of CTAB with polyethylene glycol (PEG). ...

[DOC] PASTGIN for diagnosing, monitoring, and treating breast cancer

Y Cheng, A Goktug, K Liu… -
... Here, we propose to replace PEG coating in the original structure with carboxydextran coating
to create Carboxydextran-CONH-Herceptin structure around iron oxide which would make
“PASTGIN” more compatible for photoacoustic ... 20. “Photoacoustic Imaging.” ...




Choose By Charge Gold Nanoparticles



These gold nanoparticles are shipped in water at volumes from 25mL and greater for the .


This product is available in OD=1 for the nanorods and spheres, and 0.25mg for the microgold and nanowires. For orders larger than 5mg, or for orders amounting over 100mg per annum, please contact sales for quantity pricing.


All gold nanoparticles are in stock. Conjugation depends on materials needed. If in stock, the product is ready in 24 hours and will ship fedex. Overnight service is not required for this product and it will ship on weekends.


Polymer coating with methyl, carboxyl, amine and bromine capped gold nanoparticles. Zeta potential ranges from -30mV to +30mV for all particles.


DI water.

Shelf Life/Storage Temperature

This product is guaranteed for two months and should be stored in a non freezing refrigerator.


Customers have a choice of sterilization and endotoxin free forms.


This product is manufactured using our audited ISO 9000/2001 quality control system. Every order comes with a Certification of Analysis that includes the following information. We use NIST traceable:

UV-VIS (Agilent 8453) for extinction and concentration measurements

NIR (Cary 500) for NIR extinction and concentration measurements

DLS (Malvern Nano ZS) for zeta potential measurement

ICP-MS (Varian 820-MS) for gold mass measurements

TEM (Phillips CM-100 100KV) for sizing

Detailed Specifications

For detailed specifications, please refer to the product family pages for those products.




22, 32, 52, 72-NS MSDS


What is the exact charge on the particles?

That will be determined via DLS Zeta measurements and included on the COA. In general, the charges are -30, 0, and +30mV.

Can I choose any buffer?

That depends on the requested conjugation, but in general, yes. We will advise if we don't think that a particular buffer is optimal for a particular product.

Can you help me put together procedures to use the product?


Can you perform these conjugations and still keep the nanorod SPR where I specify?


Can you work with very short covalent ligands, like 4 carbon lengths and have the particles stable?



Home » C- Functionalized Nanoparticles » CC- Choose By Charge

Choose by Charge Spherical Gold Nanoparticles
Choose by Charge Spherical Gold Nanoparticles
Part# CC11-(SIZE)-(CHARGE)-(OD-mLs)
Sterilization Certified Sterilized (+$150.00)
Endotoxin Endotoxin Purified and Certified (+$250.00)
Price: $440.00

Choose By Charge Gold Nanorods
Choose By Charge Gold Nanorods
Part# CC12-(DIAM-SPR)-(CHARGE)-(OD-mLs)
Sterilization Certified Sterilized (+$150.00)
Endotoxin Endotoxin Purified and Certified (+$250.00)
Price: $480.00

Choose By Charge Microgold
Choose By Charge Microgold
Part# CC13-(LENGTH)-(CHARGE); 0.25mg in 1mL DIH Buffer.
Sterilization Certified Sterilized (+$150.00)
Endotoxin Endotoxin Purified and Certified (+$250.00)
Price: $480.00

Choose By Charge Gold Nanowires
Choose By Charge Gold Nanowires
Part# CC14-(LENGTH)-(CHARGE); 0.25mg in 1mL DIH Buffer
Sterilization Certified Sterilized (+$150.00)
Endotoxin Endotoxin Purified and Certified (+$250.00)
Price: $480.00