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Gold Nanorods

Nanopartz™ Gold Nanorods are available in diameters from 10nm to 50nm with Surface Plasmon Resonances from 550nm to 2100nm with aspect ratios up to 20 in the following forms:


CTAB Capped Bare Gold Nanorods Functionalized Gold Nanorods Gold Nanorods for in vivo Analytical Conjugated Kits
Bare Gold Nanorods Functionalized Gold Nanorods Functionalized Gold Nanorods for in vivo Molecular Surface Modified Gold Nanorods One-Step Kits: Gold Nanorods for Antibody Conjugations
Customer Designed Gold Nanorods   Nsol™ Gold Nanorods in Organic Solvents  
  Zero Order Diagnostics      


  • Product Group Details

Bare Gold Nanorods -These bare particles are the industry standard in size accuracy, shape consistency, shelf life stability, and reactivity. This product is completely purified in DI water where CTAB has been minimized. This product come in two different concentrations; 0.05mg/mL standard and 5mg/mL concentrated. This product comes with two different ligand options with positive and neutral zeta potentials. This product may also be radiation sterilized and endotoxin purified. Every delivery comes with a Certificate of Analysis that includes a TEM image and UV VIS spectrum. All items are in stock and are shipped the same day for next day delivery.

Conjugated Gold Nanorods - Highly protected covalent polymer layer for a wide variety of pH and salt environments. Popular conjugations (amine, biotin, carboxyl, methyl, neutravidin, streptavidin), antibodies, secondary antibody conjugates, and oligos. For use in dark field imaging, heterogeneous diagnostics including lateral flow assays, ELISA, and more.

Customer Designed Gold Nanorods - Customers define their covalent or charge induced conjugation. This product comes completely purified in the buffer chosen at two concentrations choices, 2.5mg/mL and 12.5mg/mL. This product may also be radiation sterilized and endotoxin purified. Every delivery comes with a Certificate of Analysis that includes a TEM image and UV VIS spectrum. Concentration, charge, and size are also determined by NIST traceable DLS, TEM, and UV-VIS. All conjugate loading is experimentally analyzed and included on the COA.

Zero Order Diagnostics - Short length covalent polymer layer to take advantage of SPR shifting. Popular conjugations, antibodies, secondary antibody conjugates, and oligos.

Conjugated Gold Nanorods for in vivo - Covalent polymer layer for use in vivo providing ultra long circulation times. Customers have can have their antibodies conjugated to these particles.

Molecular Surface Modified Gold Nanorods - Alkyl thiol and other SAM modified gold nanorods for analytical applications.

Nsol™ Gold Nanorods in Organic Solvents - Organic capped gold nanoparticles for use in a wide variety of organic solvents.

One-Step Kits: Gold Nanorods for Antibody Conjugations - Utilizing our patent pending technology, customers are provided 2.5mg of 25nm diameter gold nanorods for one step conjugation to any antibody. A covalently bound polymer layer protects the gold from a wide range of pHs and salts and ensures a covalent bound antibody.




Computationally guided photothermal tumor therapy using long-circulating gold nanorod antennas

[HTML] from
G Von Maltzahn, JH Park, A Agrawal, NK Bandaru… - Cancer research, 2009 - AACR
... for their synthesis and characterization of CTAB-coated gold nanorods through Nanopartz... In
vivo tumor targeting and spectroscopic detection with surface-enhanced Raman ... Gold nanorod
assisted near-infrared plasmonic photothermal therapy (PPTT) of squamous cell ...
Cited by 126 - Related articles - All 13 versions

Noninvasive< i> in vivo</i> spectroscopic nanorod-contrast photoacoustic mapping of sentinel lymph nodes

[PDF] from
KH Song, C Kim, K Maslov… - European journal of radiology, 2009 - Elsevier
... Noninvasive in vivo PA SLN mapping with gold nanorods has been successfully accomplished
in a rat ... top view and a bottom view of the dissected SLN, in which the nanorod-accumulated parts ...
Before the injection of the gold nanorods, a PA image was acquired as a control to ...
Cited by 46 - Related articles - All 7 versions

In vivo imaging and treatment of solid tumor using integrated photoacoustic imaging and high intensity focused ultrasound system

H Cui… - Medical physics, 2010 -
... used gold nanorods to enhance the PAI detection of tumor in an in vivo small animal ... Prior to animal
experiments, the peak optical absorption wavelength of gold nanorods (30-pm-700 ... Figure shows
that strong PA signals are generated from the nanorod solution, whereas the PA ...
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T Pons, IL Medintz, KE Sapsford, S Higashiya…


T Pons, IL Medintz, KE Sapsford, S Higashiya… - Springer
... Nano keynotes at GOLD2009 Nanopartz have announced that a revolutionary new manufacturing
method has been developed for their nanorod products. ... However, the limitation on commercialising
gold nanorods for in-vivo and in-vitro applications has been toxicity. ...
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EJ Bergey, A Bonoiu, S Mahajan… - US Patent App. 12/ …, 2009 - Google Patents
... Alternatively, GNRs for use in the invention can be obtained from NANOPARTZ (Salt Lake ... can
be used to inhibit expression of target genes in vitro and in vivo... other than phosphodiester
linkages, provided the appropriate zeta potential of the gold nanorod/ RNA polynucleotide ...
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Resolving rotational motions of nano-objects in engineered environments and live cells with goldnanorods and differential interference contrast microscopy

G Wang, W Sun, Y Luo… - Journal of the American …, 2010 - ACS Publications
... array, 16 × 16 μm pixel size) was used to record the dynamic in vivo and in ... bromide
(CTAB)-capped (25 × 73 nm, 1.3 × 10 11 particles/mL, Nanopartzgold nanorods. ... Briefly, excessive
surfactant was first removed from 1.0 mL of gold nanorod solution by centrifugation at 3000g ...
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Geometry and surface characteristics of gold nanoparticles influence their biodistribution and uptake by macrophages

MM Janát-Amsbury, A Ray, CM Peterson… - European Journal of …, 2011 - Elsevier
... in size and shape while there were several non-rod-shaped particles in the gold nanorod samples. ...
Biodistribution of gold nanoparticles in ovarian tumor-bearing mice. The in vivo fate of the
nanoparticles and their transport across biological barriers by a particular administration ...
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Cooperative nanomaterial system to sensitize, target, and treat tumors

[HTML] from
JH Park, G Von Maltzahn, MJ Xu… - Proceedings of the …, 2010 - National Acad Sciences
... Preparation of Gold Nanorod, Magnetic Nanoworm, and Doxorubicin Liposomes. Gold nanorods
(NRs) were purchased from Nanopartz with a peak plasmon resonance at 800 nm and ... LPs were
intravenously injected in vivo to ensure control LPs and LyP1LPs exhibited similar ...
Cited by 42 - Related articles - All 17 versions

Plasmonic nanorod absorbers as orientation sensors

[HTML] from
WS Chang, JW Ha… - Proceedings of the …, 2010 - National Acad Sciences
... surface plasmon resonance is mostly insensitive to the medium refractive index and nanorod
aspect ratio ... help with the photothermal imaging setup, Christian Schoen from Nanopartz for
supplying the gold nanospheres and ... 2005) Quantum dots for live cells, in vivo imaging, and ...
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[HTML] A facile synthesis of novel self-assembled gold nanorods designed for near-infrared imaging

[HTML] from
D Pan, M Pramanik, A Senpan… - … of nanoscience and …, 2010 -
... Coated gold nanorods were purchased and used as received from Nanopartz, Inc. ... This work
introduced the concept of a “soft” type self-assembled gold nanorod contrast agent for efficient
NIR ... Further in vitro and in vivo works are warranted to realize the full potential of the ...
Cited by 3 - Related articles - All 5 versions

Laser optoacoustic spectroscopy of gold nanorods within a highly scattering medium

V Cunningham… - Optics letters, 2010 -
... of optical absorbers lo- cated within a highly scattering medium and can easily be adapted for
in vivo trials ... the amplitude of the acoustic tran- sients generated at the surface of a methyl
terminated polymer conjugated gold nanorod colloidal solution (Nanopartz, Inc.) with ...
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[DOC] PASTGIN for diagnosing, monitoring, and treating breast cancer

[DOC] from
Y Cheng, A Goktug, K Liu… -
... The multifunction polymeric shells built around gold nanorod (aspect ratio of 6.5) reduced their ...
The iron nanoparticles run about $200 per 10 g, ad gold nanoparticles cost $190 ... "Noninvasive
laser-induced photoacoustic tomography for structural and functional in vivo imaging of ...
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Intra‐organ biodistribution of gold nanoparticles using intrinsic two‐photon‐induced photoluminescence

[HTML] from
J Park, A Estrada, JA Schwartz… - Lasers in surgery …, 2010 - Wiley Online Library
... gold nanoshell; gold nanorod; two-photon-induced photoluminescence. ... particles were added
to the gold colloid suspension resulting in a silica particle covered with gold colloid. For in vivo
applications, a layer of 5,000 MW poly-(ethylene glycol) was added to the exterior shell ...
Cited by 7 - Related articles - All 6 versions

Cellular uptake and toxicity of gold nanoparticles in prostate cancer cells: a comparative study of rods and spheres

A Malugin, H Ghandehari - Journal of Applied Toxicology, 2010 - Wiley Online Library
... MATERIALS AND METHODS Plain, PEGylated spherical and PEGylated rod GNPs were obtained
from Nanopartz (Salt Lake City, UT, USA) and sterilized by filtra- tion upon receiving. ... PEG-modified
gold nanorod with a stealth character for in vivo applications. J. Control. ...
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[PDF] Induction of cell death in a glioblastoma line by hyperthermic therapy based on gold nanorods

[PDF] from
T Fernandez, AM Serrano, F del Pozo… - International Journal …, 2012 -
... The gold nanorods used in the hyperthermia experiments (30-10-808 Nanorodz; Nanopartz,
Salt Lake City, UT) were tuned to the laser ... clearly display gold nanorods in the cross-section of
the cell (B and C). Transmission electron micrographs of gold nanorod-labeled 1321N1 ...
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Dual-Modality Single Particle Orientation and Rotational Tracking of Intracellular Transport of Nanocargos

W Sun, Y Gu, G Wang… - Analytical Chemistry, 2011 - ACS Publications
... were identified.(5-14) However, the understanding of the more complicated in vivo transport,
which ... CTAB)-capped (25 nm × 73 nm, 1.3 × 10 11 particles/mL, Nanopartzgold nanorods. ... Briefly,
excessive surfactant was first removed from 1.0 mL of the gold nanorod solution by ...
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The effects of particle size, density and shape on margination of nanoparticles in microcirculation

R Toy, E Hayden, C Shoup, H Baskaran… - …, 2011 -
... Gold nanospheres and gold nanorods were purchased from Nanopartz Inc ... 5 mol% PEG coverage
which has been shown to provide in vitro and in vivo stability (Johnsson ... order to obtain a
comparative indication of the effect of shape, the deposition of a gold nanorod was tested ...
Cited by 1 - Related articles - All 6 versions

Microsecond resolution of single-molecule rotation catalyzed by molecular motors.

T Hornung, J Martin, D Spetzler… - Methods in molecular …, 2011 - Springer
... HAuCl4 to form 4-nm seeds (15), but are also commercially available from Nanopartz Inc ... coli
F1-ATPase mol- ecules observed to rotate via single-molecule microscopy with gold nanorod
probes ... Klionsky, DJ, Brusilow, WS, and Simoni, R. D. (1984) In vivo evidence for the role of ...
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JH Park, L Zhang, AM Derfus, MJ Sailor… - US Patent App. 12/ …, 2010 - Google Patents
... A study on the uptake of gold nanoparticles into cultured tumor cells concluded that spherically
shaped particles have a higher probability of cell internalization than rod-shaped particles. When
nanopar- ticles are used in vivo, one of the most important issues is to avoid ...
All 2 versions

Synthesis, Characterization, and Optical Response of Gold Nanoshells Used to Trigger Release from Liposomes

[PDF] from
G Wu, A Mikhailovsky, HA Khant… - Methods in enzymology, 2009 - Elsevier
... HGNs are similar to silica core/gold nanoshells that have been used both in vitro and in vivo to
accumulate NIR light (Hirsch et al., 2003), except that HGNs have a hollow core, which allows
easier synthesis, (Prevo et al., 2008) smaller overall dimensions ( [Prevo et al., 2008 ...
Cited by 4 - Related articles - All 5 versions

Probing nanoantenna-directed photothermal destruction of tumors using noninvasive laser irradiation

[PDF] from
D DasGupta, G von Maltzahn, S Ghosh… - Applied Physics …, 2009 -
... 1. Color online Photothermal modeling of gold nanorod tumor heating a The nanorod heating setup ...
time surface temperature assessment via infrared thermography FLIR Thermacam to facilitate
comparison of model predictions against in vivo experimental recordings. ...
Cited by 3 - Related articles - All 11 versions

Imaging and Absolute Extinction Cross-Section Measurements of Nanorods and Nanowires through Polarization Modulation Microscopy†

CR Carey, T LeBel, D Crisostomo… - The Journal of …, 2010 - ACS Publications
... These particles possess a strong resonance in the near-IR (the longitudinal plasmon resonance)
that is almost perfectly polarized, ie, σ ≈ 0.(12) Images of a gold nanorod recorded at 800 nm
for two different angles of the λ/2-waveplate are shown in Figures 2, panels a and b ...
Cited by 5 - Related articles - All 2 versions

Use of near-infrared luminescent gold nanoclusters for detection of macrophages

V Sapozhnikova, B Willsey, R Asmis… - Journal of Biomedical …, 2012 -
... atoms have also been shown to produce emissions with quantum yields as high as 6%. These
nanoparticles show promise for in vivo identification of ... The nanorods purchased from Nanopartz,
Inc ... Lyvers, DPet al., “Gold nanorod arrays as plasmonic cavity resonators,” ACS Nano ...

Mechanisms of nanoparticle-mediated photomechanical cell damage

S Peeters, M Kitz, S Preisser… - Biomedical Optics …, 2012 -
... K. Liao, C. Poe, S. Jhan, AA Ding, and YN Wu, “In vivo photoacoustic molecular ... L. Tong and
J.-X. Cheng, “Gold nanorod-mediated photothermolysis induces apoptosis of macrophages via ...
Petri dishes and grown for 1-2 days before incubation with colloidal gold nanoparticles of ...
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Enhanced visualization of biodegradable polymeric vascular scaffolds by incorporation of gold, silver and magnetite nanoparticles

F Luderer, I Begerow, W Schmidt… - Journal of …, 2012 -
... nm and gold nanospheres with a diameter of 100nm were purchased from Nanopartz (Loveland,
USA ... Hence, in a potential in vivo setting the incorporated nanopar- ticles should be firmly ... P(4HB)
minitube samples doped with different nanoparticles: 0.1% (w) gold nanoparticle (a ...

Photothermal multispectral image cytometry for quantitative histology of nanoparticles and micrometastasis in intact, stained and selectively burned tissues

DA Nedosekin, EV Shashkov, EI Galanzha… - Cytometry Part …, 2010 - Wiley Online Library
... cells in a thin layer of whole blood (33), label-free mapping of real melanoma metastasis at the
single cell level both in vivo and in ... Gold nanorods (GNRs) with axial size 30 nm, diameter 10
nm and peak absorption at 740 nm were purchased from Nanopartz (Loveland, CO). ...
Cited by 6 - Related articles - All 2 versions

[PDF] Biocompatible Microparticles for Optically Driven On-demand Controlled Drug Release of Methotrexate

[PDF] from
K Adlon, R Bartels, S Briggs, S Rusk… -
... Gold nanorods from Nanopartz with a peak absorptive wavelength of 780nm were purchased
for the main component of the gold-NIR, light-to-heat energy ... The gold nanorod solution will be
pipetted into the cuvette, and the thermistor will be placed under the aluminum bottom. ...
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[PDF] Nonlinear optics in quantum-confined and surface-plasmon structures

[PDF] from
L Wang - 2010 -
... 60 5.3. Surface-plasmon enhanced absorption ..... 61 5.3.1. Enhanced linear absorption using
spherical gold nanoparticles ..... 61 5.3.2. Enhanced nonlinear absorption using gold nanorods ..... ...
Cited by 1 - Related articles - View as HTML - All 5 versions

Transient photothermal spectra of plasmonic nanobubbles

E Lukianova-Hleb, E Sassaroli, A Jones… - Langmuir, 2012 - ACS Publications
... under room temperature) (Nanopartz Inc, Loveland, CO) and synthesized gold hollow
nanoshells (NS, 50±7 nm diameter, 2.7±0.8 nm thickness, optical extinction peak
at 665 nm under the same conditions) following established ...
Cited by 1 - Related articles - All 2 versions

Absorption and scattering of single plasmonic nanoparticles

[PDF] from
JW Ha - 2010 -
... 2-1. Materials and Chemicals Gold nanospheres, 73 nm long (part #: 30-25-700) and 86 nm long
(part #: 30-25- 730) AuNRs were obtained from Nanopartz. 2.5 um long gold nanowires were
synthesized and obtained from Prof. Zubarev's group at Rice University. Microscope ...
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Ultrasharp nonlinear photothermal and photoacoustic resonances and holes beyond the spectral limit

VP Zharov - Nature Photonics, 2011 -
... media, multiphoton and Raman spectroscopy, microscopy beyond the diffraction limit, PA tweezers
and in vivo detection of ... Ultrasharp PT resonances made it possible to easily identify each nanorod
in a mixture of six nanorods that ... Figure 2: Nonlinear spectra of gold nanorods. ...
Cited by 9 - Related articles - All 4 versions

Superresolution Fluorescence Imaging of Mitochondrial Nucleoids Reveals Their Spatial Range, Limits, and Membrane Interaction

[HTML] from
TA Brown, AN Tkachuk, G Shtengel… - … and cellular biology, 2011 - Am Soc Microbiol
... Gold nanorod particles (NanoPartz) were then applied by application of a 0.5% solution for 5
min. After being rinsed, the glass was coated with biotin (1 mg/ml)-BSA-PBS (Sigma Chemical
A8549) followed by streptavidin–PBS (Sigma Chemical S462) (1 mg/ml solution). ...
Cited by 2 - Related articles - All 7 versions

Methods and systems for treatment and/or diagnosis

SN Bhatia, GA Von Maltzahn - US Patent App. 12/716,217, 2010 - Google Patents
... 7A-7C illustrate specific fibrinogen tropism to heated tumors, in one set of
embodiments; [0023] FIGS. 8A-8E illustrate nanorod-directed tumor heating and
fibrinogen deposition, in another set of embodi- ments; [0024] FIGS. ...
Cited by 1 - Related articles - All 2 versions

[PDF] Laser Tissue Welding: Study of the Mechanism and Optimization of the Technique

[PDF] from
P Matteini -
... modifications in the tissue and to explore the possibility of improving the laser welding
technique by the use of gold nanoparticles as new chromophores. Page 9. ... performed on ex
vivo pig eyes; the healing process was then studied in vivo in rabbits. The ...
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R Davalos, B Christopher… - US Patent App. 12/757,901, 2010 - Google Patents
... CI. A61B 18/18 A61B 5/055 A61B 8/00 A61B 5/05 (2006.01) (2006.01) (2006.01) (2006.01)
(52) US CI 600/411; 606/41; 600/439; 600/407 (57) ABSTRACT The present invention provides
methods, devices, and sys- tems for in vivo treatment of cell proliferative disorders. ...
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Engineering of Micro‐and Nanostructured Surfaces with Anisotropic Geometries and Properties

S Tawfick, M De Volder, D Copic… - Advanced …, 2012 - Wiley Online Library
... (g) Multiple domains of silver nanorods made by evaporative self-assembly. Reproduced with
permission from Download figure to PowerPoint. ... Reproduced with
permission,27 copyright 2007 AIP. (f) Gold helices made by two-photon lithography. ...

[PDF] Optoelectronic Manipulation, Assembly, and Patterning of Nanoparticles

[PDF] from
A Jamshidi, MC Wu - University of California at Berkeley, 2009 -
... 66 5.2.3 DEP Manipulation of Spherical Gold Nanoparticles.....68 5.3 IN-SITU SURFACE
5.5 Trapping and transport of five 250 nm gold nanoparticles. ...
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