Nanopartz Product Selection

Nanopartz offers a wide range of gold nanoparticles, including spherical, nanorods, nanowires, nanocubes, and other shapes. Nanopartz also offers carbon, magnetic, platinum, palladium, and silica nanoparticles. Other products include SERS nanoparticles, substrates, gold salts and conductive gold.

Spherical Gold Nanoparticles - Diameters from 1.8nm to 1500nm
Gold Nanorods - SPRs from 550nm to 2100nm
Microgold - Gold Nanorods with Lengths from 500nm to 1 micron
Gold Nanowires - Lengths from 500nm to 40microns
Gold Nanocubes - Diameters from 30nm to 90nm
Hollow Gold Nanoshells
Gold Nanoplates
Gold Nanobipyramids
Gold Nanostars
carbon nanoparticles
Carbon Nanoparticles
SERS Ramanprobes
Plasmonic Fluorophores
Gold Chloride


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