Gold Nanobipyramids with Molecular Surface Modifiers

Gold Nanobipyramids with Self Assembled Monolayers including 4-MBA, Dodecanethiol, and many others
Part Number: B1B
Part Options: -(SPR)-(LIGAND)-(SOLVENT)-(WT)
Example Part Number: 600nm SPR Bipyramid, Cysteamine coating, in Ethanol, 2.5mg
Specification Table / COAs Capping Agents SDS/S&H/Tech Notes Additional Info

Specification Table

Part # Center Diameter (nm) Length (nm) Peak SPR Wavelength (nm) NPS/ml Molarity (pM) Moles Molar Ext. (M-1cm-1) SPR Range
B1B-700 20 70 700 5.89E+12 9.80E+03 9.82E-12 1.02E+08 +40nm/-20nm
B1B-780 30 100 780 1.83E+12 3.10E+03 3.06E-12 3.27E+08 +14nm/-40nm
B1B-808 32 110 808 1.46E+12 2.40E+03 2.44E-12 4.10E+08 +40nm/-14nm
B1B-980 50 200 980 3.30E+11 5.50E+02 5.50E-13 1.82E+09 +40nm/-40nm


Capping Agent Comparison

MW (g/mole)
CYS Cysteamine    
LA Lipoic Acid    
3C-NHS 3-Carbon NHS    
4MBA 4-Mercaptobenzoic acid    
MSA Mercaptosuccinic Acid    
1DT 1-Decanethiol    
1DDT 1-Dodecanethiol    
1HDT 1-Hexadecanethiol    
1ODT 1-Octadecanethiol    
1OT 1-Octanethiol    
11MUB (11-Mercaptoundecyl)-N,N,N-trimethylammonium bromide    
11AT 11-Azido-1-undecanethiol    
11MU 11-Mercapto-1-undecanol    
11MDA (11-Mercaptoundecanoic acid)    
11MDH 11-Mercaptoundecylhydroquinone)    
12MDA 12-Mercaptododecanoic acid    
12MDN 12-Mercaptododecanoic acid NHS ester    
16MHA 16-Mercaptohexadecanoic acid    
6AH 6-Amino-1-hexanethiol hydrochloride    
6MH 6-Mercapto-1-hexanol    
6MA (6-Mercaptohexanoic acid    
HEG Hexa(ethylene glycol)mono-11-(acetylthio)undecyl ether    
1AT 1-Adamantanethiol    


NHS Ligand products are lyophilized
DIH (18MEG DD DI Water)
ETOH (Ethanol)
ISO (Isopropanol)
ACE (Acetone)
ACT (Acetonitrile)
TOL (Toluene)
CHL (Chloroform)
SO (Silicon Oil)
HEX (Hexane)
HEP (Heptane)
DEC (Decanol)
50 OD-mLs = 2.5mg Au
250 OD-mLs = 12.5mg Au
Price: $470.00