Export Compliance

Below you'll find our Export Control Classification Number (ECCN), and applicable license exception as per the United States Department of Commerce Export Administration Regulations. All information below is strictly a recommendation to the user, and should be used in conjunction with the Export Administration Regulations when classifying Nanopartz products for export purposes.

Nanopartz makes no representation or warranty as to the accuracy or reliability of the classifications listed below. Any use of such classifications by the user, is without recourse to Nanopartz and is at the users' own risk. Nanopartz is in no way responsible for any damages whether direct, consequential, incidental, or otherwise, suffered by the user as a result of using or relying upon such classifications, for any purpose whatsoever.

Product Name: Nanopartz Gold Nanoparticles
Schedule B: 3822.00.0002
Harmonized Code Number: 3822006000

For more information and for further assistance in determining your individual licensing requirements, contact the Department of Commerce, Bureau of Industry and Security:

U.S. Department of Commerce
Export Counseling Division
Washington, DC
Phone: 1.202.482.4811

U.S. Department of Commerce
Export Counseling Division
San Jose, CA
Phone: 1.408.351.3378

U.S. Department of Commerce
Export Counseling Division
Newport Beach, CA
Phone: 1.949.660.0144

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