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Gold Nanoparticles for Nanotechnology

Nanopartz™ is recognized as both an innovator and a quality supplier of gold nanoparticle based products including Accurate™ Spherical Gold Nanoparticles, Nanorodz™ brand Gold Nanorods, Micron sized Gold (Microgold™), Gold Nanowires, Ramanprobes™ and Plasmonic Fluorophores™. Nanopartz offers value added services including functionalized gold nanoparticles, oligo and dna functionalized gold nanoparticles, platinum and palladium coated gold nanoparticles, as well as gold nanoparticles for in vivo imaging, drug delivery, and cell uptake. In general, Nanopartz is your one stop source for gold colloidal nanoparticles and gold nanomaterials.

Products developed at Nanopartz constitute an essential core technology for the life sciences in diagnostics, imaging, and therapeutics - particularly cancer. In other fields, Nanopartz products are well suited for sensors, solar cells, liquid crystals, non-linear optics, polarizers, negative refractive index materials, standards, catalytics, and as robust subcomponents in electronics. Nanopartz offers products for the researcher as well as the materials manufacturer.

Nanopartz nanomaterials have appeared in over 900 publications, multiple covers, and dozens of patents. Numerous companies have employed Nanopartz innovative nanomaterials into their new technologies and improved old technologies. Partnering with Nanopartz not only ensures innovation, as a supplier to Fortune 500 companies, partnering with Nanopartz ensures repeated success.


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Optical sensitisation of energetic crystals with gold nanoparticles for laser ignition

X Fang, M Sharma, C Stennett, PP Gill - Combustion and Flame, 2017 - Elsevier
... Analytical grade acetone (Sigma-Aldrich Ltd., UK) was used as the solvent to recrystallise the
RDX. Rod-shaped GNPs, 10 nm in diameter and 41 nm in length (Nanopartz, USA), achieve
strong optical absorption at 808 nm and were chosen as the optical sensitisers (Fig. ...


Near-infrared photothermal therapy using EGFR-targeted gold nanoparticles increases autophagic cell death in breast cancer

M Zhang, HS Kim, T Jin, WK Moon - Journal of Photochemistry and …, 2017 - Elsevier
... 2. Materials and Methods. 2.1. GNs and Anti-EGFR-GNs. GNs and anti-EGFR-GNs (10 nm × 40
nm) were purchased from Nanopartz, Inc. (Loveland, CO, USA). ... An SH-terminated branched amine
polymer manufactured by Nanopartz was used to replace the CTAB. ...


Gold nanorod-mediated near-infrared laser ablation: in vivo experiments on mice and theoretical analysis at different settings

R Mooney, E Schena, P Saccomandi… - International Journal …, 2017 - Taylor & Francis
... AuNRs were supplied by Nanopartz, a division of Concurrent Analytical, and were surface
coated with 11-Mercaptoundecyltrimethylammonnium bromide (MUTAB) rather than
cetyltrimethylammonium bromide to avoid surfacant-related cytotoxicities. ...


[HTML] Tissue perfusion modelling in optical coherence tomography

P Stohanzlova, R Kolar - Biomedical …, 2017 - biomedical-engineering-online. …
... Contrast agents. As a contrast agent in this experiment, two types of gold nanorods were utilised.
Gold nanorods (Nanopartz Inc., A12N-10-1400 and A12N-25-1400) are in a form of colloidal
suspension with water. ... Table 1 Properties of gold nanorods, Nanopartz Inc. ...


Plasmonic imaging of surface electrochemical reactions of single gold nanowires

Y Wang, X Shan, H Wang, S Wang… - Journal of the American …, 2017 - ACS Publications
... A three-electrode electrochemical cell with AuNWs (Nanopartz, 75 nm in cross-section diameter,
1 to 10 μm in length) deposited on a graphene/Cytop/Au working electrode (a Ag/AgCl as
reference electrode and a Pt coil as the counter electrode) is mounted on a high numerical ...


In vivo Photothermal Optical Coherence Tomography of Gold Nanorods in the Mouse Eye

M Lapierre-Landry, AY Gordon… - Bio-Optics: Design and …, 2017 -
... 2. Methods 2.1 Gold nanorod synthesis: Polyethylene glycol (PEG)-coated gold nanorods (GNRs)
with peak absorption of 750 nm were purchased from Nanopartz (Loveland, USA). These were
covalently modified in order to add an antibody to the polymer surface. ...


[HTML] Improved Tumor Uptake by Optimizing Liposome Based RES Blockade Strategy

X Sun, X Yan, O Jacobson, W Sun, Z Wang, X Tong… - Theranostics, 2017 -
... Polar Lipids (Alabaster, AL, USA). Au NRs (40 × 10 nm) were purchased from Nanopartz
(Loveland, CO, USA). Poly(ethyleneglycol)-thiol (MW 5000 g/mol) was purchased from
Nanocs (New York, NY, USA). 1,4,7,10-tetraazacyclododecane ...


Plasmon-Enhanced Resonant Excitation and Demethylation of Methylene Blue

TE Tesema, B Kafle, MG Tadesse… - The Journal of Physical …, 2017 - ACS Publications
... substrate. The substrate was then dried by blowing dry N 2 gas. An aqueous solution
of gold nanorods (AuNRs) with cetyltrimethylammonium bromide (CTAB) stabilizing
surface ligand was obtained from Nanopartz, Inc. The ...


[HTML] Three-dimensional defocused orientation sensing of single bimetallic core–shell gold nanorods as multifunctional optical probes

GW Kim, SY Lee, JW Ha - Analyst, 2017 -
... AuNR and Pd-AuNR). The bimetallic AuNRs were purchased from Sigma Aldrich
(St Louis, MO, USA), while the bare AuNRs with no metals on the surface were
obtained from Nanopartz (Loveland, CO, USA). The mean length ...


Method for producing a nanoporous layer on a substrate

B Wolfrum, A Yakushenko, A Offenhaeusser… - US Patent …, 2017 - Google Patents
... C 2009, 113, 20143-20147). The second type of nanoparticles A are round homogeneous gold
nanoparticles having an average diameter of 125 nm and a protective layer made of alkaline
amine. The gold particles were purchased ( (part # E11-125). ...