The Gold Nanoparticle for Nanotechnology

Nanopartz™ was originally created to commercialize gold nanoparticles for the research market.¬†As the company has evolved, so has its mission. In addition to the research market, Nanopartz™ now creates technologies that are currently transforming the life-science, materials, energy, information storage, forensics, and optics markets. Since its inception in 2006, Nanopartz™ materials have been credited in hundreds of journal publications, multiple journal covers, and over 30 patent applications.

Nanopartz™ focuses not only on the manufacturing of the best gold nanoparticles in the world, but in the polymers, ligands, and coatings that enable these gold nanoparticles. Nanopartz™ is a leader in all of these technologies.

Nanopartz™ mission is to continue to be the best gold nanoparticle supplier in the world.